Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" (ok, that's a lie)

I know I've been a slacker about updating this, but things really have been a little busy since I just returned back to Cincinnati July 3 and I leave for Jamaica again this Tuesday (24th). But in this short time a lot has happened. Well, at least in my mind a lot has happened.
First news item is my pending approval for officially working full-time with Herko Family Mission. The goal (and all this is pending approval by the HFM board, mind you) is to have me approved and able to officially raise support to work full-time after the end of August. Given I am able to raise my funds in a timely manner (big item of prayer in the upcoming months) I would be working full-time with the mission within a year. For all of you keeping score at home this would, thankfully, mean no more restaurant work!!!! Good money and I love the people I work with but it's not what I want to do with my life and because of this it is DRAINING!! So, after that the goal (pending approval and funds, once again) is to be living in Jamaica a year and a half from now! After over 15 years of this being my "dream" it looks as though it may actually happen! haha I laugh because it has only been a real "goal" of mine for maybe 5 years now. I differentiate a dream as being something out of your grasp that you wish you had and a goal being something within your grasp that you're actually working towards. Of course we all have to work on God's time, which often seems very similar to Jamaican time, oddly enough. So that's the news there.
In other news I just spent a couple days working at the mission's office in Lexington preparing the latest newsletter. After many hours of sorting through a gagillion pictures (that's actually 10 times larger than a bagillion), thanks to Jenn and the Central crew, and thousands of revisions to the articles (specialy thanks to Mary for her editing skills!), TADAAAAAA, IT IS ALIVE (evil laugh)!!!! If you would like to get a copy before it's officially released (much like getting an early copy of Harry Potter), you can find it here! (caution: the way the pages are placed makes it difficult to understand. . . so the pages left to right, top to bottom, are 8-1, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5)
Finally, as I stated earlier, I leave for Jamaica again Tuesday for another month(ish). Your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated! We have two large teams coming from Lakeside Christian Church in Northern KY, and Southland Christian Church in Lexington, and a group of construction guys (I don't know what else to call them) coming form Zanesville, OH. We will be putting a roof on the back building, pouring the floor of the sanctuary, and (hopefully) putting in windows, doors, and grills (not cooking grills but bars over the windows. . . although now that I think of it a few BBQ grills would be nice).
I hope to be a little better about updating this while I'm there. Part of the problem is that most things that would seem totally outrageous to those who don't know Jamaica (pictures and experiences) are fairly commonplace for me now. So I apologize about that and I'll try to think outside the bun. . . er, um. . . box.

P.S. A real quick update. . . just after I finished writing this I got a call from Dennis telling me that he went to dinner with a family who wrote him a check for $17,500 to go towards finishing the worship center. . . the total needed was $18,000. . . WOW!!!!!! Coincidence??? I think NOT!

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