Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. . .

If you've made it here via Myspace then thank you very much!! Please, if you have the time, play around with some of the options and let me know what you think. One option that I didn't mention was the ability to comment without being a member. Also feel free to skip the paragraph below as you've probably already read it. If you've come here from an outside source (being anything other than via Myspace) then you can read the paragraph below as it explains my (partial) move from the "evil" empire of Myspace. :)

First of all I want to let everybody know that I will be making a few minor changes to my blog. Really only one change and it really won't change anything here. But, the big change is that I'm also going to be using blogger.com in addition to Myspace. Reason for the (partial) move? Well, I realized that a lot of people (my mother being the main concern) cannot access Myspace from their place of employment because the site is so addicting (partially kidding) that it's been blocked. So I wanted a place that could be accessed from said workplaces. When I checked it out I also found that it has a ton of cool features that aren't available here. One which I am going to really enjoy is the survey feature! I can ask anything and set up the answers and let everyone vote! Fun! Also it has a news ticker that allows me to designate what news items it displays. And one other cool feature it has is it allows me to create links to web pages and/or blogs that I read. Oh, and this site will allow outside users (unlike Myspace) to receive a notification when I update my blog; saving one from having to constantly check to see if it's been updated. I believe that link is at the very bottom with the "subscribe to" link. Not sure how that works yet, but, looks like a good idea. So make sure to check it out. It's http://jamaicamonz.blogspot.com. But I will still be using my Myspace blog as well given the advantages it has for my Myspace friends! But you folks feel free to check out the other site as well and see all the kewl stuff it's stugot!! GOT BLOG?!

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