Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane update (Sun. 9:00 a.m.)

Last night it was pretty peaceful here. . . just some more frequent patches of rain with a little more intensity to them. As of this morning the wind hasn't even really picked up much, but we are starting to get the outer bands from Dean. The winds have held pretty steady at about 145 mph and the eye is supposed to either hit Kingston directly or go just south of Kingston. Either way this city with about 1.2 million people stuffed into just about 25 square miles is going to be devastated! If my guesses are correct, and Kingston is only 25 square miles, then that's about 48,000 people per square mile! Most of them living in those tin and wood shacks I talked about earlier. Those are the people that need our prayers!! As well we have some missionary friends living up on Blue Mountain who run an orphanage with 65 children. Please pray for them as well!!
Well, like I said, the power's going out in less than an hour so I wanted to get this out. You may not hear from me in a while. Keep in mind that after Gilbert in '88 parts of Kingston didn't have power for 3 weeks! I'll probably be out before then, and we do have a generator, but that's the scenario here. Plus this is a worse storm than Gilbert. haha Thank you again for your prayers and I will try to keep in touch whenever I can.
God Bless

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