Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cold, cold days

Over the past couple weeks as a full-time employee of Praying Pelican Missions, I've been doing a lot of "cold calling". At first it sounds weird when I tell people that I work for a missions organization and I do sales, and cold calling. But when I think about it and tell people what I do, it becomes obvious that I'm not really "selling" anything. I'm more introducing them to something that can give them and their ministry a life changing experience. Of course it has a minimal price to it, but what doesn't?
So today as I'm going through a list of cold calls I start getting down because I feel like a salesman. And I feel like I'm bothering people. But once again, when I started thinking about what I'm doing, I realized that the only reason I'm calling these people is to offer them something that I have been doing for 3 years now with PPM and have loved every minute of! I'm not selling them something useless or a product they won't use or appreciate, but I'm inviting them to share in this experience that has change my life along with countless others through PPM.
I've had several very good conversations off of "cold calls" and it's been exciting to get to tell others about this amazing experience they can have through serving with us. Please pray that things continue to go well and that God will continue to open doors and people's hearts to what He is doing through this organization.
If you don't know what we're doing, check us out on the web!


Anonymous said...

Making random phone calls is never fun, but the impact for the kingdom could be substantial. God puts us in situations where only he knows the outcome and where we can only be faithful and trusting.

Anonymous said...

Sweet stuff. You know cold calls are better from Colorado. We can make it cold here as you are aware