Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday? Again!?

Another birthday in Jamaica! I think this is 4 out of 5 for me. It's probably actually closer to 6 out of 7, but I quit counting. It's been an amazing day! But not because it's my birthday. . . I actually didn't tell anybody here. I don't really need all the attention at the ripe old age of 33! But it's been fun nonetheless.
Last night we walked from the church down to a busy street, pulled some speakers, a microphone, and a keyboard out of the back of the car, and had an open-air church service right there. It was actually pretty amazing. I went into it thinking it was kind of a stupid idea since things like that don't work in the US. But it was great to see these once shy kids walk up to complete strangers and introduce themselves. Handing out candy to kids. . . making friends immediately! haha Then when the service started, this 15 year old Jamaican girl, Trudy, belts out this song! She can sing better than probably 99% of anyone on American Idol, and she just nails it!! People are driving past and they just can't help but slow down cause their jaws are dragging out of the car! I don't know, it just gave me chills! Then these kids, again, once shy, are volunteering to get on the mic in front of probably 50 strangers, half of them smoking weed across the street, and share their testimony and what God has done in their life. Just a really cool experience!
Then today we mixed probably a metric ton of concrete with shovels, and then carried it in wheelbarrows and buckets about 75 yards uphill to where we needed to pour it. Side note: I hung right in there with the highschool kids even though I'm double their age! But they finished the construction that they came to do and so tomorrow they're going to visit an infirmary and the Westhaven Children's home. I've been to both of these places several times this year, but I know they're going to be stretched by the people they meet! I know each time I go I'm affected in unexpected ways and they will be too!
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! But now this 33 year old's off to bed! Here's to living a 3rd of life!!

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