Saturday, June 19, 2010

What day is today!?

Just spent a week with a group of 160ish in the beautiful Falmouth area. First of all, I say 160ish because we (the PPM staff) never really knew how many there were. The group flew in on Friday (I think), and then a couple people who were already here joined them, then they flew in a person or two on Monday, then I think somebody left Wednesdayish and another person came in to take their place. So, by the end there were a lot of people. . . just not sure how many. haha
But it was a great trip! The group was broken into smaller, more manageable groups of 13 and then two groups of 13 were paired together for the week. Each pair of groups went to a different area than the others, and the area I was in charge of, Zion, had a 2 pairs. Anyway, long story short, I was basically in charge of my own group of about 55 people for the entire week. So it was a great way to get my feet wet for when I lead my very own trip in July.
We didn't have internet access where we were so I wasn't able to keep up on what was going on. But basically we (my group of 55ish) worked with two different schools for 4 days in the mornings, and then did some service projects in the afternoons at 4 different sites. A lot of painting, a lot of cement mixing, and a lot of block laying. Everyone loved the experiences they had and made some great connections with the Jamaicans.
So now that I'm back in the Montego Bay area and have internet I can keep this up to date with the most recent group I'm with from Louisiana. (I haven't had a whole day off yet since I've been here and I frequently forget what day it is!) Only 19 of them, which seems easy now, but they're ready to leave their mark on Jamaica. Already they've been digging the foundation for a wall at a local church and spent a couple days connecting with some of the youth while playing football (soccer here). They're also going to get the chance to visit an infirmary later in the week as well as an orphanage. Then we'll take them for a relaxing day in Negril! Fun times!aa

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